Friday 22 June 2018

Looking at a Pizza chain system from 4 different perspectives - MBSE Interest Group Mtg - 22 Jun 18

Following on from a practical session I tried another team exercise at the INCOSE UK MBSE Interest Group yesterday (at Thales in Reading) using white boards. This came from positive feedback to the idea of the last practical session I did (on ports). The topic this time was around the confusion that is often caused if you don't understand or stakeholders misinterpret the system context. 

The room was split into 4 different teams and each team was given 10 minutes to come up with the use cases for a Pizza restaurant chain that makes Pizza, from a different perspective: The organisation, a restaurant, the kitchen and the chef were the 4 levels. These were the results:

Each team then presented back and we explored the idea of looking at a system-of-systems like this with use cases at different levels, how actors and goals might be different at different levels of abstraction and how the higher levels allow you to make bigger decisions with more impact.

Personally I think there's a lot of value of doing recursive use cases system models, and ensuring that all use case models are created in team workshops rather than individually. Also, I think it was good also as it gets people talking and learning each others view points. I enjoyed the meeting and learnt a lot from the feedback. Importantly, rapport is often key in a team and getting each others views really helps this. I might use the idea in my next training!

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  1. I am currently working on a project that is benefitting from a similar approach. We are seeing the value of elucidating operational philosophy through consideration of both whole system use cases and subsystem use cases. It's all about redrawing boundaries. Transitioning into modelling software intensive subsystems is also facilitated by the close relationship between SysML and UML modelling notations.


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