Tuesday 5 June 2018

Rhapsody Tip #34 - Diagrams: Bridges for line intersections - new in 8.3.1 (Simple)

With 8.3.1 in the release pipeline, this video gives taster of one of the customer-requested usability enhancements in the RC1 open beta. Of-course, Visio does this kind of thing but it's nice to see that the team are polishing IBM Rational Rhapsody's diagramming capabilities and this is one of my favorites. The feature works when the line is rectilinear_arrows or rounded_rectilinear_arrows. Two  properties can be used to control it.

General::Graphics::RectilinearBridgeDrawing turns it on and off,
General::Graphics:::RectilinearBridgeShape can be set to Rounded, Rectangle, Triangle, or Space.

There's few notable things in the release so stay tuned for more 8.3.1 videos.

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