Wednesday 6 June 2018

MBSE with OMG SysML (and Rhapsody) Open Training 3-4 5-6th July near Nuneaton, UK

I'm pleased to announce plans to run an Open/Public training for OMG SysML at HORIBA-MIRA near Nuneaton 3-6th July 2018.

If you just want tool-neutral SysML awareness there's an option to just do the first 2 days. Training will be 4 days for those wanting deep-Rhapsody learning (3 days if you just want Rhapsody essentials). Plenty of options, therefore, but if you have specific needs then feel free to discuss. Training would be with latest Rhapsody release, 8.3 (although I could cover some 8.3.1 preview bits on day 4, if needed).

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