Tuesday 12 June 2018

Rhapsody Tip #35 - Nested ports in SysML 1.3 (Intermediate)

Rhapsody supports the SysML concept of nested ports. However, it's not always easy to remember how to enable these. This short video illustrates how to do nested ports with SysML proxy ports and their associated InterfaceBlock. Nested ports are enabled via a right-click menu on the SysML port. Interestingly when you add a nested port to a port, then it is added to the Block or InterfaceBlock that is typing the port. This video shows a proxy port example with an InterfaceBlock. Rhapsody also supports the same capability with FullPorts. As such you could use similar steps to model physical interfaces with Full Ports typed by Blocks.

The video uses 8.3 although this capability was fist introduced in 8.1.3. This is all part of a SysML language that can weave many different types of tapestries. If you want to know which is the best tapestry to weave then that's a different question ;-)

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